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Number of members doesn't appear in [[Special:WantedCategories]] with uselang hi on hi-wp
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The number of members are usually shown after the category names in [[Special:WantedCategories]]. However, with uselang set to hi (hindi), for some reason the number itself is missing while the text following it shows up. Also, the starting of the bracket is missing in hi too.

At hi-wp: the special page with missing numbers same page with uselang set to en shows the number of members.

At en-wp: numbers show up numbers show up, but the opening bracket is missing. Also, the numerals are devanagari numerals while hi-wp uses international numerals (bug 29279)

The concerned interface message is [[MediaWiki:Nmembers]]. It is not locally modified at hi-wp.


See also:[[MediaWiki:Nmembers/hi]]_22972

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Cannot reproduce, can you make a screenshot. Have you tried disabling webfonts? What browser are you using?

Screenshot of [[:hi:विशेष:वांछित_श्रेणियाँ]] with uselang hi


number_problem.png (642×561 px, 35 KB)

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Cannot reproduce, can you make a screenshot. Have you tried disabling webfonts?
What browser are you using?

Not using webfonts. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open
  1. Compare with attachment 10879 (Its screenshot in chrome 20.0.1132.57 m on windows 7)
  1. The number of members in each category should appear before the word सदस्य) However, the number of members along with the opening bracket are missing. E.g: the first category in the list appears to me as:

Film articles using deprecated parameters‏‎ (2,934 सदस्य)

Hope this clarifies the bug :)

PS: This might be a chrome rendering problem or something since the number of members does appear when the html source is copied into a text editor (even though it doesn't appear when view source is used in chrome)

Also, seems to work in Safari 5.0.3, FF 12.0, Opera 11.51, and IE 8; so it might be a chrome thing.

I cannot reproduce with Chrome 20.0.1132.57 on Linux.
I can reproduce with Chrome 20.0.1132.57 m on Windows.

Can someone check whether this has been reported upstream and report it if not?

Further info:

Earlier this problem (text becoming invisible even though its there) would appear randomly in the editbox while editing on hi-wp. Things like colons at the beginning of lines, or some characters in between would be missing from the editbox. But moving the text-cursor (caret) would show that the characters are there, since pressing the left or right arrow keys would keep it in the same place. This problem never appeared on english wikipedia, only on hindi.

Plus, this time the numbers don't show up either in the console or in the view source window. The caret has the same behaviour as said above.

Upstream bug, nothing to do -> lowest per (maybe could be closed).
No activity whatsoever upstream.

Retested with Firefox 25.0.1 on OSX 10.9: Result unchanged. Also updated upstream.

Can't reproduce this anymore in latest Chrome.

Screen_Shot_2015-03-03_at_02.28.15.png (588×1 px, 154 KB)

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