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[squid] Server-down error message miscapitalizes "Wikimedia"
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Author: timwi

In the error message:

The wikimedia web server didn't return any response to your request.

the word "Wikimedia" should probably be capitalised. It comes across as
extremely unprofessional... :/

Version: unspecified
Severity: trivial



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avarab wrote:

Changed the summary to reflect the bug.

Error messages for squid need to be patched it seems :)

river wrote:

this message should probably be replaced entirely, it's very out of date...

river wrote:

i'll replace the error messages (both ERR_CANNOT_FORWARD and ERR_ZERO_SIZED_OBJECT)
with this one: if there are
no objections.

wiki.bugzilla wrote:

I felt free to close this bug due to the fact that we already
have proper error messages for a couple of weeks now ;-)