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[Regression] WikiEditor "Table" dialog broken
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Author: cristi.falcas

When using the WikiEditor to add a new table, the following message is printed:

"You have not entered a valid number of rows or columns."

It seems that in jquery.wikiEditor.dialogs.config.js, line 837, the following expression return true:

if ( isNaN( rows ) || isNaN( cols ) || rows != rowsVal || cols != colsVal )

From my tests, the culprit is rows !== rowsVal. It looks like one is a number and the other a string. Adding the following alert

alert (mw.msg(rows !== rowsVal)+mw.msg(rows)+mw.msg(rowsVal)+mw.msg(typeof rows)+mw.msg(typeof rowsVal));

uotputs this:


Currently I had to update the js script to remove the strict equality operators:

if ( isNaN( rows ) || isNaN( cols ) || rows != rowsVal || cols != colsVal )

Version: master
Severity: major



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How Can we reproduce this? adding a table on works. on which version of
wikimedia are you?

cristi.falcas wrote:

How can I found out?

I'm on master branch on extensions and mediawiki:

[root@localhost wiki]# git branch -r | sort -V

origin/HEAD -> origin/master

[root@localhost WikiEditor]# git branch -r | sort -V

origin/HEAD -> origin/master

check at [[special:version]] on the wiki.

cristi.falcas wrote:

MediaWiki 1.20alpha (2cc3faa)

WikiEditor (Version 0.3.1) (b88a866)

cristi.falcas wrote:

I'm not sure if this is the correct way, but I've done this:

git reset --hard e0adfee

and checked in the new file the comparison. It was also without strict.

I can reproduce this on i.e. with 1.20wmf8:
Open a page for editing, click the icon to insert a table, leave everything as it is, click insert.
Adding Krinkle to CC list, since probably broke this.

rephrasing bug to be about the dialog (not the button). The basic table inserter (the default setting) works fine, the bug is in the dialog opt-in feature.

Regardless, this is indeed a regression from I445639b25a9688b3cdf9e5449e3d31cbcfa9c7ae.

My lint sweep exposed an oddity that was already in the code, fixing now.

Fixed in If32da14f80c6a0e4be3e1fe7fd0b650be4ed8a09.

As soon as it is reviewed I will request backport to 1.20wmf8. Expect deployment within 24h.