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give jobrunner06 access to 'upload6'
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The jobrunner06 instance no more have any access to the 'upload6' shared directory. The root cause is role::applicationserver::jobrunner passing the non existent 'lvsrealserver' parameter.

Impact: jobs are not run.

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Severity: major



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16809 got merged in. Still have Must pass lvs_pool to Class[Role::Applicationserver::Common]

The Apache role are being overhauled by notpeter. I guess we will use the inner classes directly and wait for the role one to be finished.

I have applied instead:


Had to:

  • remove /usr/local/apache and /mnt/upload6 empty dir. Downgraded PHP manually.
  • manually downgrade PHP by using 'apt-get upgrade'

Did not relaunch the job run loop though.

Relaunched, class applied. Will use a role class whenever Peter as finished rewriting the applicationserver roles.