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History should support branches (at this revision there was a merge/split with that revision")
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Page history should support some kind of branching, perhaps by allowing a special log entry that says "at this revision there was a merge/split with that revision".

Possibly the log entry should also be able to refer to a global site id (ref global site ids in Wikidata) so it is possible to do proper attribution.

The log entries could be made automatically during editing, or added afterwards by an admin through a special page.

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: enhancement
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This is primarily a way to add information about "this page about the Czech Republic is branched off from the page about the former Czechoslovakia" and similar for Slovakia, or even that the wp-site for Danish can point to English as the source. It would also be nice to say that only some part of the page is from an other article/revision, or is based on that article/revision.

The purpose is _not_ to make duplicates or similar articles, it is about crosslinking histories of different articles. It is neither about how to solve merge of revisions from a single article.

The bug is unclear due to its title "History should support branches", it is not branching in traditional programming sense, it is marking the source that was then reused at another page.

It could be said to be similar to the problem in but with only the marking of the connected revisions.

Likewise it could also be said that this is a kind of but only for a single revision and an added log entry that points to the source.

Not sure if this is much clearer.. ;)

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  • no fast way to compare (to preview diff) sandbox with original page and with other sandboxes.
  • no ability for other person to merge my changes with saving of authority (smth. similar to stabilizing version in FlaggedRevs)
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This is a proposal for the wikimedia developer summit 2016: T113004: Make it easy to fork, branch, and merge pages (or more).

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