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JavaScript exception thrown by decodeURI on SpecialBannerController should be caught
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Author: mr.heat

The file:


may crash with a "Malformed URI" exception when executing the line:

return decodeURIComponent( s.split( '+' ).join( ' ' ) );

Here is a very simple example to trigger this error:

I know, this *is* a malformed URI (it's not UTF-8). Thats not the problem. The problem is: This stops *all* other scripts including the WikiEditor. This is why I consider this a "blocker".

Expected behavior: The CentralNotice extension should never interfere with other scripts, not even if there *is* an error.

Solution: decodeURI and decodeURIComponent must *always* be surrounded by a try-catch block.;a=blame;f=special/SpecialBannerController.php;h=531072f79f22a6797070a6828284f91114f515ff;hb=HEAD

Version: master
Severity: major



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Fixed in Icab22e6e858e95c8197f51f72d958608a87d6fd5 (that is the only use of decodeURIComponent within the extension)

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