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Special:UnusedProperties does not recognise and thus displays special properties properly (1.8 rc2)
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There are two things broken concerning special properties on this special page:

  1. They are not recognised as special properties. All of them are assigned to datatype page though not datatype should be assigned.
  1. Since they are not recognised as special properties, they are not displayed as on other special pages, i.e. in italics.


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Something must have changed with this special page since my report. I am not sure though. However, in addition to what I already reported all special properties are listed now, regardless it they are in use or not.

In the meantime I think that special properties should not be listed at all on this special page, regardless of their status. I believe that this page should only list user created properties.

SMW 1.8 alpha has two SQL stores, which one is used here? Store2 or Store3 ?

This can be checked in variable $smwgDefaultStore in LocalSettings.php and SMW_Settings.php

According to format=debug smw.o is on Store2.

Hmm, I believe that this special page currently does not pick up regular (user created) properties at all. I do not think that do not have at least one of them on smw.o

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Nov 7 2012, 7:41 AM

Nischay + Karsten (I know I'm bitching here) any update on this when using the SQLStore3 and Special:UnusedProperties

If this is a problem in SQLStore2 we put this on won't fix as SQLStore2 will not get any update.

This is a SQLStore2 report. So far I did not test SQLStore3 for this.

The formatting problem does not depend on the store but on the UI code (the store could filter out special properties, though this would be difficult and may not be worth the effort).

Fixed in

P.S. The special properties are still not shown in italics. I think this is special code used only in some places. At least Special:Properties does not show special properties in italics either.

This works now. :) Still it would be good to have italics back since this is usually the only way to tell user generated and build in properties apart. Since there is a class ".smwbuiltin" for this it is perhaps not a big problem to reimplement.