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Feedback page - Hide my post
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This feature enables logged-in users to hide posts they created but they want to remove from public view.

Some users will make mistakes that they want to take back -- or they may realize that a similar or better feedback post exists. In such cases, it is both expected and legitimate for users to remove their own feedback.

Depending on your user rights, this tool will be shown in one or two locations:

  • Readers

A 'Hide my post' text link will be shown in the zone of user actions.

This text link will appear after 'Flag this post', as the last item in the bottom line for each post.

  • Editors and up

Editors, monitors and oversighters will see the same 'Hide this post' label that is already included in the right sidebar (ideally changed to 'Hide my post' if this is their feedback). For editors, this link will only appear for feedback they have posted, but not for other posts -- with 'Mark as resolved' above it, 'View activity' below it, and two divider bars between them. For monitors and up, it will appear for all posts as it does already.

Whenever a post is hidden by its author, this feature will display a gray mask over it, add it to the 'hidden' category, and decrease the relevance score by 50 points.

This means that this post will no longer be shown to other users, except for monitors and the post author. All these users will see will be the gray mask, with this label shown over it:
'This post #183,725 was hidden by <author name> less than 1 minute ago. View contents'

Post authors and monitors will have the option to click on the gray mask or its 'View contents' link to see the comments. They will also be able to unhide the post, using the same toggle function that already exists in the current tools.

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