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Feedback Page - Split up "featured" and "resolved"
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This feature enables editors to mark posts as resolved without requiring them to feature it first.

This feature has been requested by a number of community editors. It makes sense to have these as separate concepts. By doing so, comments that are requesting something already available in the article can be marked as resolved without the need to highlight them as featured (which makes no sense).

Show both of these tools at all times to editors (as well as to monitors and oversighters):

  • Feature this post
  • Mark as resolved

We will remove the code that only showed 'Mark as resolved' if a post had been featured.

When a user clicks on 'Mark as resolved', the relevance score will be increased by 5 points (instead of being decreased by 45 points, which was used to offset the 50 point feature increase when these tools were bound to each other).

This is intended to keep the post towards the bottom of the Most Relevant list, to show users that some of the posts are being used by editors to improve the article, as an implied confirmation that their feedback matters.

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