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Feedback Page - Relevance Score Update
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The relevance score is missing scores for the 'Hide', 'Request Oversight' and 'Oversight' tools (and for their counterparts).

When performing these functions, please add (or substract) these points from the relevance score:

'Hide' -100 points
'Request Oversight' -150 points
'Oversight' -750 points

'Unhide' +100 points
'Decline Oversight' +150 points
'Unoversight' +750 points

Since these actions are cumulative, a post that is both hidden and oversight-requested would have a total of -250 points deducted from its relevance score. And if that post is oversighted, it would have a total of -1,000 points deducted from its score.

This will insure that items that have been excluded by editors are still sortable by relevance. It will also help establish a basis for actions against repeat offenders, whose abuses can be tallied quite efficiently using this relevance score.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Normal.Nov 22 2014, 1:10 AM
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Note that this should also include 'Auto-hide', which should have its relevance score decreased by -100 points, just like 'Hide.' Unhiding such auto-hidden posts will clear their scores in the same way as for hidden posts, by adding back in +100 points.

Tackled along with - on Gerrit & prototype already