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Article feedback - Change oversight links to feedback page (instead of permalink page)
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To provide a temporary fix for the oversighter issue that affects Fluffernutter, Courcelles and others, change the links that appear in oversight-related messages to go to the feedback page (instead of the permalink details page).

We have established that a number of oversighters have issues in using the tools on the permalink page, but that they generally do not experience that issue on article feedback pages.

Therefore, we propose linking to a variation of the 'My Last Post' version of the feedback page, which shows the selected post at the top of the page, with a blue highlight.

In this case, the posts will have been hidden and will therefore be covered by a gray mask, which oversighters will have to click on to view the contents and access the tool, which is consistent with the permalink behavior. We also do not need a blue highlight, since the contents already have overlays, though it may be OK to keep it in if it's easier.

The links that will need to be changed include:

  • links in email messages sent to oversighters when oversight is requested
  • links in the suppression log, which is where oversight requests are listed

We will also add a link under the word 'feedback' on the posts listed in the central feedback page, as so:

'<Fabrice Florin> posted <feedback> to <Feedbackcountcheck> 3 months ago | <Details>'

Note that this new link should be available on all posts on the Central feedback page, not for just oversight-related posts. This serves two additional benefits, besides solving this temporary oversighter issue:

  • this link provides direct access to the feedback page (not currently available as a one-click option)
  • this link presents the selected post on top of the feedback page, but also provides more context by showing other posts below

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Unbreak Now!.Nov 22 2014, 12:47 AM
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bzimport set Reference to bz38881.

Since it's such an easy fix, I think it's worth it to give higher priority to adding a link under the word 'feedback' on the posts listed in the central feedback page, as proposed above.

As I was testing the tool this morning, I really wanted that feature, to go directly to the feedback page, rather than less relevant pages. From that standpoint, it makes sense to have that be the first link for each post.

patch merged.