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[OPS] udp2log prevents udp2log-mw from starting
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deployment-dbdump is the main udp2log receiver. The udplog package has a udp2log service listening on port 8420 which prevents the custom udp2log-mw from running.

Whenever the box boot, we have to manually issue:

/etc/init.d/udp2log stop && /etc/init.d/udp2log-mw start

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udp2log now runs on deployment-bastion and seems to start with no issues.

It happens when the instance boot. The udp2log service is started up on port 8420. Then udp2log-mw attempt to start using the same port and bails out because of the port already being listened to.

I / others manually stop udp2log and start udp2log-mw whenever the instance reboot.

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udp2log is gone, at least from bastion.