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[OPS] apache2 need manual start
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The apache2 is disabled per the puppet manifest. Whenever our apache boxes reboot, they end up not listening to HTTP traffic. This is caused by the puppet production lass which exec mw-sync before starting the apache2 service. That is done in production to ensure we do not add in the pool an out of sync apache.

We have to manually restart apache2 on all apaches:

sudo service apache2 start

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I see apache-trigger-mw-sync is defined as

exec { 'apache-trigger-mw-sync':
   command => '/bin/true',

which is exactly what I was going to suggest (symlink mw-sync to /bin/true in labs).

So it should just be a matter of disabling mediawiki::sync ?

Change merged by mutante:

puppet brings up the apache2 service on labs:

notice: /Stage[main]/Applicationserver::Config::Apache/Exec[Fake sync apache wmf config on beta]/returns: executed successfully
notice: /Stage[main]/Applicationserver::Service/Service[apache]/ensure: ensure changed 'stopped' to 'running'