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Incomplete i18n for log entries in CheckUser
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In "get edits" there are localized messages which are not translated into one's user preferences and would be awesome if they were. An example:

(Registros) . . 00:00 . . Example user (Discusión | contribuciones | bloquear) <log action not translated>

The <log action not translated> message appears in the local wiki language.

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To clarify, that log message is localized in MediaWiki because if we go to the Special:Log page it appears localized, but it is not in the CU output. Regards.

Krenair added a comment.EditedFeb 7 2016, 6:35 AM

Yeah, I think these are just stored as raw content-language text in the cu_changes.cuc_actiontext field in the DB. E.g. "was automatically created", "was created", etc.
I imagine this is more of a problem for stewards than local checkusers.

We do other silly-looking things with that field, such as this from ApiQueryCheckUser:

					if ( $row->cuc_actiontext ) {
						$edit['summary'] = $row->cuc_actiontext;
					} elseif ( $row->cuc_comment ) {
						$edit['summary'] = $row->cuc_comment;
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We'd need the different table fields for getting this done cleanly.