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Image width no longer limited to a sane value in edit mode
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This patch;a=commitdiff;h=911b74e6409756769635d06691155cec9732b00c removed a default limit on the image width in edit mode. This is a follow up of bug #33613. It wasn't a right fix, if for some reason the resolution is not enough Index allow to setup a default width on a per book setting, and if a site want a bigger resolution as a default, the proofreadPageDefaultEditWidth which was present before this patch would be used. This was not signaled because at a first glance people thought the slowdown was the usual problem coming from thumbnail generation.

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This was also mentioned at commons:
(I kept meaning to file a bug but kept forgetting)

In cases where zooming to that level would be useful, I would suggest starting off loading the smaller image size, and then fetching higer-rez images via js as they are (and only if) they are needed (Aka when people hit the zoom button).

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