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If a gadget try to use a message as soon as it starts its execution, the translated text is not available. Take a look at the example above. Its definition is at
and includes "messages":["about"]. Nonetheless, when it prints the value of mw.msg('about'), I get "<about>". A few seconds later, if I use mw.msg('about') again, it return the correct value: "About".

I tested on Ubuntu 12.04 using Google Chrome 21.0.1180.57. Same problem on Firefox 14.0.1.

Screenshot of the console after the two attempts to get the translated message



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Same problem on Firefox 14


Unclear whether this is a regression, mediawiki core related, Gadgets 2.0 related or ResourceLoader related.

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For CommTech: We should test this after these tickets are done:

T106177: Implement Gadget and Gadget definition namespaces plus their content models
T31398: Implement Gadget Manager

Legoktm expects that this is already fixed; we just need to make sure, and close the ticket.

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kaldari added a subscriber: kaldari. seems to no longer exist, but the bug seems to be fixed as of the current patchset in gerrit. You can test with the "Console" gadget at I even set the Gadget to position:top and it still loaded the message correctly.