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Fuzzied optional messages should be considered untranslated
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This way, optional messages needing update will be shown; as they've been translated before, it's not really "an option" not to update them.

See also: T159122: Consider translated optional messages towards meeting the export threshold



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There's no problem there, excep that completion statistics are NOT updated not correct when a new version if marked for translation.

We still need to submit at least one change in a translated item, or perform a null-edit on them for ALL languages:

  • select one item (the display titlle is not critical if you revalidate it
  • in the edit box press SPACE, BACKSPACE and validate

But if a page only has now fuzey items, we need to translate at least one or correct one, and it's not easy if you don't know that language, because this will reconfirm it.

Workaround: we can still revalidate a fuzzy item with a null edit, and keep it in its fuzzy state, by entering "FUZZY" at the begining of the edit box.

Apparently, the FuzzyBot runs too early when we mark a new version for translation. It does not detect that something has changed in the database, so it recomputes the statistics incorrectly on all languages.

Using null-edits is possible but takes lots of manual time when there are dozens of languages. And it's impossible to determine if a translation is terminated or not, because the status is always late by missing the last submission in the translation interface used by any user.

So yes, all translation statistics are wrong. On multilingual sites with lots of translations (like Meta or MediaWiki), this is a nightmare to follow.
It is also a problem for those that want to know the state of translations to send newsletters (e.g. the Tech News on Meta), as they are not in sync.

This seems to be a synchronization issue, or a DB cache issue in the internal way the "FuzzyBot" looks into the DB after either:

  • any user validates a translated item in the interface;
  • a translation admin marks any page to translate.

Additionally the FuzzBot does not leave in the history of generated pages the name of users that submitted a translated item.

We still have to watch every individual item, and this causes YOO many emails to be sent, we could like to watch only the generated page to save our mailboxes, when FuzzyBot has made something on it). Each time FuzzyBot regenerates a page, the comment should contain the link to the history version of the translated item(s) included.

The translation interface causes me hundreds of emails each day (and this is growing very fast) only because of the watch list on individual items (including when there's NO edit but only a reviewer acceptng by one click an item without editing it).

Apparently the vote causes the content item subpage in "Translation:" to be modified to remove the tag for a missing review and this generates the watch event. In my opinion the state of translation items (NEW or FUZZY) should be stored separately in metadata, and not in the content. Most actions performed after any new submission of new translation of marking a page should be delayed. Notably sending emails for watched pages, by 30 minutes (to put some reasonnable cap to 48 emails per day and per wiki: this is still a lot or emails on very active wikis, when the translate tool will become more universally used).

In fact, instead of sending emails with details for each item, it should better send a single email per watched wiki, and the translate tool should manage the list of new events since the time the user visited the ste on the translate user tool or the translation admin tools, and present it with a list ordered by translation group to see which one had something new.

The table of the TranslationStatstics page could be used to render these status by adding a statis column for new events for the current user. Users will then be able to click [ "watch group" ] or [ "finished" | "leave as new"| "unwatch group" ] to set his own review status on a given group. Those buttons could be at top of the page (we may want to just look on a group to handle only later. So the FuzztBot would only send an event to peaople wathcing a page (in the "reviewed" or "unrevieed" state for that user, only if that group page is watched; if the user is not watching the group, nothing will be recorded or changed for the user; if the user is watching it, the fuzzy bot will only changed from "reviewed" to unreviewed" but will not change the date; if the user click "finished", or validates a new item a new date will be set to track changes after that point.

We need a place to discuss the design of these options. For now it is really not friendly, either for translation admins, or for translators, or for non-translating users that just want to use translations according to the displayed status.