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Notifications DB should be centralized across Wikimedia wikis
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I suggest we centralize the translators database for all wikis that use Translate and TranslationNotifications. This may necessitate giving translators more fine-grained control over what types of pages (by wiki / by topic) they're willing to translate, but is preferable over having to build a translators database for each site that might require translations.

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I agree in principle.

Implementation-wise, currently the "translators database" is, in fact, just a bunch of additional user preferences. Having global preferences is supposed to solve this.

Creating another global database seems a bit of an overkill, especially considering that CentralAuth is a bit of a hack. Do we have any other global storage except the basic login data in CentralAuth?

Identity, messaging, affiliation. :)

CCing E2 team so this can be looked at in the context of the overall notifications work.

In the meanwhile several wikis have enabled TranslationNotifications and built their own subscriptions...

Cf. bug 35306 comment 15.

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