jquery.tablesorter RegExp() for currency is false
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Folow line is from jquery.tablesorter.js function cacheRegexs() currency:
Line 465: new RegExp( /^[£$€?.]/)

The ? and . is not a currency character. Use RegExp( /^[£$€¥¢]/) instead or RegExp( /^[\u00a2\u00a3$\u20ac\u00a4\u00a5]/) for [cents pound dollar euro yen currency].

For enhancement leave the ^ so that RegExp( /[£$€¥¢]/) or RegExp( /[\u00a2\u00a3$\u20ac\u00a4\u00a5]/) find the currency character also at end. In many languages, so in German, is the currency character at end: 10,50 €

In German Wikipedia the bug produces a unsortable column. If the year not set in template {{dts|20|07|}} a sortkey "?-07-2020. Juli" is used and sorting to currency gives in all rows 0 at digit-sortkey - this is unsortable. (see: [[w:de:Vorlage_Diskussion:Dts#Vorlage_ohne_Jahr_nutzlos]] )

here is table to test it:
{| class="wikitable sortable"
! dts !! key !! 3 !! 4

$ 15.00
15.00 €
$ 10
10 €

Version: 1.20.x
Severity: major

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