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Inconsistent behavior of enter key in site-link UI
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Pressing ENTER in the site-links UI behaves inconsistent. Pressing it to select a site-id will not set the focus to the page field. Pressing enter in the page field will save the site-link immediately in some browsers (ff) and simply select the value in others (chrome). Pressing enter in the site-id field when the page field has a value already will also try to save.

Version: master
Severity: minor
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There are several solutions to resolve this, and we need to select one.

I do have the same problem. I expect Enter in the site-id field to always focus the page field. It should not make a difference if the page field is empty or not. In my opinion this is the most consistent solution.

I would love to take and fix this but I'm afraid there are many more important things to do first. Let's track this in bug 38968 for now.