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"New Editor" should not be labeled a "possible problem"
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In the curation toolbar info panel, "new editor" is listed under the heading "Possible problems". To avoid contributing to a culture of fear around new contributors, I would suggest separating this information out from the "possible problems" heading and to treat it as value-neutral, consistent with how it's shown in the new pages feed.

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I agree that this 'new editor' label doesn't belong in the 'Possible Problems' section.

For now, we could move it to the top section, right after the creator name and its meta-data.

I'm also uneasy about devoting an entire section to 'Possible Problems'. Right now, I believe this section can only feature a couple possible items: 'No categories', 'orphan' ... That's pretty slim pickings, and it focuses only on the negatives, rather than the positives.

What if this section had a more neutral neutral name (e.g.: 'About this page'), and included useful information, besides 'Orphan' or 'No categories' ?

For example:

  • Status: Marked for speedy deletion
  • Last reviewed by: <reviewer name>
  • Review date: <date/time>
  • Tags: Stub • References • No context
  • Possible issues: Orphan • No categories

All this info seems as important as an 'orphan' label, because it's useful to know the review status of the page, or find out who last marked this page as reviewed, tagged it -- or marked it for deletion.

And it would give 'Page Info' a more positive tone, instead of having it focus only on the negatives.

Let's discuss this a bit more, since these are relatively easy copy tweaks that can make a big difference for the quality of the user experience.

Fixed in per Erik's suggestion. We can evaluate more significant Page Info changes in the next sprint.