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Suggestion: tab "collaborative editor" OR "edit" (standard editor) tab in correspondence to the user preference setting
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I suggest the extension adds a new tab to pages.
I addition to "edit", the extension can simply add a furter tab to directly open in EtherEditor.

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Wikinaut created this task.Aug 15 2012, 6:51 PM

This was the old behavior, actually. In redesign, we decided that it wasn't a good idea and that switching between edit modes was a more natural behavior, especially since it meant only one page load for both edit modes.

Munaf isn't on Bugzilla, but I'll email him so he can chime in.

It should be an option (parameter) when installing the extension

$wgEtherEditorShowTab = false; // set to "true" to add an extra tab on wiki pages

Actually, I think Erik might have suggested this at first. CCing him.

I think, you add his e-mail address to the cc list of this bug !

s/add/can add/

massaf wrote:

Hey, I suggested the design change to consolidate the tabs.

The reasoning is that having two different entry points / interfaces for editing articles is inconsistent and will confuse users. In addition, if EtherEditor functionality is ever rolled out to a wider audience, having two tabs for edit/collaborate would be unacceptable from a design perspective for the same reason (on a bigger scale) and we'd have to re-engineer it --> might as well do that engineering now.

That said - if it's easy to simply add a checkbox and split the interfaces, it's a fine idea for the short-term. My recommendation is to stick to the "Collaboration mode" checkbox since it's just as discoverable as an extra tab in the site chrome and will do more for consistency in the long-run. It still needs UX improvements, which will happen gradually.

My two cents. Cheers!


Thanks, Munaf!

I happen to agree with that assessment of the situation, and I really like having it all on one page. I think it will be a lot sleeker when we have a nicer-looking switch for the behavior, and maybe if I can find some ways to make it load faster.

Thomas, thanks much for the idea, but I think we're going to mark this one as LATER. We'll revisit it some other time, but right now, I'm mostly concerned with other things.

I think this is the right way to use LATER, but I'm not sure. If it isn't, I'd appreciate some explanation of it.

I was wrong in the title. Actually, I wanted to propose ONE tab, this tab following the setting in the user preferences, either (standard) text editor OR (collaborative)EtherEditor tab.

The current checkbox on the Edit page is annoying, and puzzles the users.

changing bug title now.

So....completely disable normal editing for users with the preference enabled? That seems very bad to me.

I would much greatly prefer having the new switch design (Munaf, that's on you) than add something complex like what you just suggested....if someone throws this together and I don't hate it, I might decide to merge it anyway, but I don't like the sound of it right now. Maybe I just need to see it.

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