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Featuring oversight-requested posts
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When I request oversight for some feedback, it will say that it's hidden and show that blue bar, but if I then press through to view the hidden contents, I can click on all the links on the right hand side that allow me to feature the post, un-hide it, unrequest oversight etc, but the one that allows you to feature the post should be disabled for any feedback that is hidden/oversighted.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 22 2014, 12:53 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz39410.

Mattias, this bug has been sitting here for over a month. It needs to be worked on, or at least a comment provided as to why it hasn't been.

Similarly, you should not be able to mark feedback as resolved if it's got oversight requested, nor should you be able to do these things if the post is *hidden*.

Taking the first one as example (, the reason appears to be the large amount of "helpful" votes (106-23=83), which means +83 on relevance score, making the score unusually high.
This keeps it at the top of the relevance-score based filter (which is the one anon users see by default) which makes it even more likely for users to mark it as helpful, ...
You get the picture.
Maybe we should only display feedback within the last month for the relevant filter (not yet sure how I'll implement this once sharded though, so other ideas are welcome as well)
Or we make sure that only a certain amount of positive actions count to the relevance score, a number that it just a bit under the negative score that hiding/resolving packs?

Also: it might help to have marking something as resolved also automatically unfeature the feedback post if it was previously featured (because it now keeps the 50 points it received upon featuring)
Had this been done, the feedback had probably never been up there for so long and it wouldn't have had the chance to run away from other articles.

Can we please get some movement on this? Similarly, something can be both resolved and hidden. categories should be exclusionary, not inclusionary.

Pushed to Gerrit ( & prototype

One can no longer resolve/unresolve/feature/unfeature feedback that is hidden/oversighted (the controls won't even be there)

Okay. What if feedback is featured, and then hidden? Is featuring removed, or is the ability to un-feature it simply locked out?

that is, removed by hitting "hide"

it keeps the featured status & the ability to un-feature is gone (the FEATURED label will not be shown unless unhidden though)

Okay. How much of an additional PITA to just have the action of hiding or oversighting void all other flags?

Not much work. But we're building this weird scheme of "if you do this, than this and that automatically happens" and weird stuff is about to happen:

Assume we were to do this:

  • someone requests oversight -> already leads to the post being auto-hidden -> will now lead to all other flags being voided

Makes sense, but there if later someone decides the oversight request was invalid, the previous flags are gone.. (at least, given the current schema; this could be changed, but will be quite some work)

So: not a lot of work, if you're willing to accept the above scenario.

Well, if someone decides the oversight request is invalid but it should remain hidden, that's cool. Experienced editors thinking something needs OS when it's actually a pretty swell comment is sort of an edge case.

Just to be sure: if I were to automatically void all current flags the moment that someone requests oversight (eg 4 helpful flags, 1 unhelpful & 1 featured - I guess abuse-flags shouldn't be voided?), they will never automatically be restored (not when unrequesting, not when denying the request, ..) - ok?

Fine from my POV. If the request is declined but the post remains hidden, none of those things matter, and I think the chances of anything legitimately and substantially weighted in a positive fashion being oversight-requested are slim.

Oliver: I've spun of this "void all other flags" into another bug:, as that change will have an impact on the scalability code as well (and in the current code, there should be failsafe mechanisms already to make sure that hidden feedback does not show up in other filters)
At least, we can then go ahead with this "lockout out featuring/resolving" change right away and figure out the other part when I get there :)

UI has now changed: after marking something as inappropriate, it is no longer possible to mark the same thing as useful, resolved, ... unless you first un-inappropriate it. A feedback entry now only has 1 status, so this report is no longer relevant.