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Wrong tabindex on edit page
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Author: timwi

Just noticed this in the HTML source of the edit page:

<textarea tabindex='1' [... etc ...]>...</textarea>
<input tabindex='3' type='text' value="fix double-redirect" name="wpSummary"
maxlength='200' size='60' />
<input tabindex='3' type='checkbox' value='1' name='wpMinoredit'
checked='checked' accesskey='i' id='wpMinoredit' />

I guess the middle one (wpSummary) should have tabindex 2.

Version: unspecified
Severity: trivial
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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Fixed in CVS HEAD and REL1_4.

In 1.5 there was another incorrect tabindex on the new 'show diff' button.