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Include action=credits output into action=info as well
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Since I got no response on IRC, I thought I'd suggest it here: Move the output of action=credits into action=info, possibly under the 'edit history' section.

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Is there a working demo of what ?action=credits consists of right now? I don't remember many details about the action.

The credits action seems kind of useless to me, to be honest. What do you think about having it 301 redirect to action=info? Would anyone miss it?

I doubt it (not many know about it anyway - there's no link to it in the UI), so that sounds like a good idea.

Merged by Reedy on October 4. Thanks for marking this as fixed, Tyler.

Re-opening this for now. I'm still don't feel great about this bug.

As I see it, there are two issues:

  1. The credits don't look good aesthetically when merged in to the info action.
  1. Generally, I'm not sure about the value of this feature altogether. I guess on a small wiki it makes sense, but on a large wiki, is there any value in knowing every author of the "Barack Obama" article? Not really. And consequently there are associated global variables ($wgMaxCredits and $wgShowCreditsIfMax) which make knowing every author impossible. So this feature can only really work on small pages, at which point I'm not sure what advantage it provides over skimming the page history. It's only on large pages (where skimming the page history is tiring and almost impossible) that you'd need this data to be separated out, right? And those are the pages this feature won't work with. :-/

Moving this feature to ?action=history might make sense. Keeping it at ?action=credits might make sense. Removing the feature altogether (or putting it in an extension) might make sense. I'm not sure.

For now, given, I think it makes sense to pull the credits-related code out of ?action=info until more thought and consideration has been given here. My concern is that the feature will end up being moved multiple times or that it'll be added and then removed (and people will get upset).

Reedy merged Gerrit change 26945, so action=credits is back to how it was and the code to show it on action=info has been commented out.

action=credits will not be removed.
I'm not sure this change will ever be possible, considering that even standalone action=credits is considered too expensive: but, once bug 47721 is satisfactorily fixed, maybe it will be suitable even here. Unless Yaron thinks it's a very good idea and he wants to implement it earlier in the Contributors extension!

I daresay this depends on bug 27629 as well: exposing imperfect authorship metadata in the UI can lead to drama and even legal confusion for reusers, so we'd first need to decide we don't need bug 27629 (or to fix it, which is hard).