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Asirra module displays wrong text, does not solve for edits
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Author: wmf.amgine3691

Asirra captcha and text: account creation

Using git extension trunk, Asirra module displays wrong text (à la #37323) and does not solve for anon edits of existing articles. anon creating articles.

The module displays wrong text for account creation as well, but does solve allowing the account creation.

Test site:

Version: REL1_19-branch
Severity: major


AsirraScreenshot.png (426×728 px, 55 KB)



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Related URL: (Gerrit Change I92c3cb93337d4a704221d5a0e50ed56ae3b6b1cf)

The module didn't work because its JavaScript only hooked into the Create account form, not page editing nor login (when you enter several bad passwords during login it can trigger a captcha).

I think the asirra-createaccount message was already fixed. This gerrit change fixes the message for asirra-badlogin.

Asirra closed down permanently today. Thus closing this bug as RESOLVED WONTFIX.