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VisualEditor: Support templates
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Phoebe is recommending to Work_on_RefToolbar improvements at

However, I wonder whether our focus shouldn't be put in VisualEditor support for the Cite templates, either out of the box or via plugin. Any advice?

brassratgirl wrote:

Fair enough. Maybe the project should be "work on citation stuff" broadly -- not sure how to frame that :) There is plenty of work that should overlap between the reftoolbar and the VE, though; like figuring out what citation template parameters need to be used, figuring out how to work with Lua conversions, and so on. I wonder if reftoolbar could be converted into a VE plugin -- the interface is actually pretty good, no need to reinvent the wheel on handling citations.

VE will support template editing quite soon (famous last words!) which will replace (alongside the TemplateData extension) pretty much all of what the RefToolbar does in terms of telling users how to use the templates and what each parameter means.

We should certainly look at some accessor functionality to make it easy and obvious when in a reference to know what templates to use, but that would be in longer time.

My concern is that we're currently targetting this landing in the middle of the GSoC period - too late for someone working on GSoC to react to it and extend it, and so soon into the period (and so obviously-about-to-happen) to make working on the area that VE will replace it. :-(

Change-Id: I9174ed7c9012522246a6defc859276bf36763f5b

The main template editing functionality is now live. Though there are some fixes to make, I'm marking this one as closed.

vladjohn2013 wrote:

Hi, this project is still listed at

Should this project be still listed in that page? If not, please remove it. If it still makes sense, then it could be moved to the "Featured projects" section if it has community support and mentors.