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Extensions should have possibility to issue messages in the user interface language without touching content
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Some extensions like Cite or SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi (see gerrit change 20219) issue error messages (like "syntaxhighlight-specify") that are inserted into the page HTML and therefore are currently rendered in the content language instead of the user language.

This bug is about discussing whether (1) they should use user (chrome) language
instead and (2) how to do it without cache thrashing .

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Severity: enhancement



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p.selitskas wrote:

I think that Cite and every other extension modifying the content should work in a page content language. It will make sense when we learn (read "implement") how to change the language on a per-page basis (see the notorious ContentHandler::getPageLanguage()).

p.selitskas wrote:

Of course, we can leave senseless placeholders when we generate the content, and then replace them with appropriate localized messages via JavaScript. It's simple, but makes us transmit extra messages through the network. Choose what is cheaper and more effective.

This doesn't block bug 32551...

(In reply to Kunal Mehta (Legoktm) from comment #4)

This doesn't block bug 32551...

My bad, I think I put it in there by accident after reading the dupe...