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Array values for attributes in Html::element cause PHP notice.
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Found by SPQRobin.

Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/robin/public_html/mw/dev/includes/Html.php on line 328":
the classes attribute should be passed as a string instead of an array. Introduced in c13632.

Seems to be because Html::dropDefaults() calls strval() on all attribute values, but Html allows arrays as attribute values, which causes a problem. Change to soon be in gerrit.

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Thanks. I had the impression arrays were not allowed, but they are so your change is a better fix for the problem.

Yeah. Originally I saw the patch and thought to myself "Hmm, why not just accept arrays in Html?", and then I looked and saw it was already accepted. :P

On a side note, I left a comment on concerning this, because Hashar is making a whole new test case for the dropDefaults() function, and this would be a perfect addition.

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