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MediaWiki's info action should vertically align cell values to top
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Currently at, there are some entries where the value contains a long list. For example, the value of "Transcluded templates" is a long list of transcluded templates.

When scrolling down the page, when you come across this entry, it isn't immediately apparent what the information is as the label is vertically aligned to the middle of the cell, rather than the top. I think the labels should be vertically aligned to the top of the cell, but I'd be interested in counter-arguments for doing so.

I'll upload a screenshot of the current behavior momentarily. Marking this bug as easy and design.

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Screenshot of the "Page properties" section of MediaWiki's info action


Hmmm, should this be using CSS (style="vertical-align:top;")? Maybe in a class?

madman.enwiki wrote:

Change merged.