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Lost edithistory for User:Tostarpadius@svwiki
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Author: la.vallen

User:Fernbom2 changed his username to User:Tostarpadius.
The log-action has been deleted, but it looks like it was made September 1 (2012).

Since then, some edits has been missing in the API-version of the edithistory.

For an exemple, edits made between "2010-06-07T20:00:16Z" and "2010-06-13T07:52:29Z":

Such edits exists, see:

The normal edithistory-log "Special:Contributions/Tostarpadius" looks fine as far as I can see, but they are still missing in the API-version.

I am also aware of edits missing between april 15 and april 19, 2012.


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Severity: minor



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Reedy added a comment.Sep 13 2012, 9:00 PM

Job queue is empty, so it's just going to be an incomplete rename...

(In reply to comment #1)

Job queue is empty, so it's just going to be an incomplete rename...

Ronnie: Did this problem happen again?

la.vallen wrote:

(In reply to comment #2)

Ronnie: Did this problem happen again?

Again? - Tostarpadius has only made one rename as far as I know.

Reedy added a comment.Jan 17 2013, 7:09 PM

reedy@fenari:/home/wikipedia/common$ mwscript runBatchedQuery.php --wiki=svwiki "UPDATE revision SET rev_user_text='Tostarpadius' WHERE rev_user_text='Fernbom2' AND rev_user = 113109 LIMIT 50;"
Batch 1: 50 rows
Batch 2: 50 rows
Batch 3: 50 rows
Batch 4: 50 rows
Batch 5: 50 rows
Batch 6: 50 rows
Batch 7: 50 rows
Batch 8: 50 rows
Batch 9: 50 rows
Batch 10: 50 rows
Batch 11: 50 rows
Batch 12: 50 rows
Batch 13: 50 rows
Batch 14: 50 rows
Batch 15: 50 rows
Batch 16: 50 rows
Batch 17: 50 rows
Batch 18: 50 rows
Batch 19: 50 rows
Batch 20: 50 rows
Batch 21: 0 rows

la.vallen wrote:

Af far as I can see, has everything been restored now. Many thanks from me and 'Tostarpadius'!