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Wrong edit summary generation when adding a new discussion section
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Author: vlakoff

When adding a new discussion section, the generated edit summary is wrongly parsed, as it can be seen here:

The problem only occurs when creating a new discussion section; it doesn't occur when modifying an existing section:

The bug is quite recent and is probably related to the recent changes in messages handling. Should somehow be similar to the issue addressed here:

Put under major severity as the bug causes unrevertable defects.

Version: unspecified
Severity: major
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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 22 2014, 1:11 AM
bzimport added a project: MediaWiki-Parser.
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Fix pending review in Gerrit change 23237.

Reopening, we need this to be backported in wmf11 / wmf12 and deployed on live site.

Both changes have been deployed on live site.