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Display redirect status in MediaWiki's info action
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When you visit, it's not very simple to understand that this page is a redirect and that consequently the data presented pertains to the redirect page, it does not pertain to the target of the redirect. This isn't a huge problem, but it can be a bit disorienting, I think. (It'll be even less of a problem when this action has some UI exposure. Manually created URLs are cruel.)

Somehow, I think the redirect status of a page should be displayed in the info action's output. Maybe with another row in the table (Page is redirect: True), maybe with italics, I don't really know.

I suppose one could have something like "Page status" where it would read:

  • redirect
  • content page
  • subpage?
  • non-existent? [deleted?]

Not sure. This needs thought.

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I'm not sure about subpage. A page could be redirect and sub at the same time, or content and sub at the same time. It's also not very useful as you should be able to see a subpage based on the page name.

As for non-existing pages, Gerrit change 22880 shows "The target page you have specified does not exist." instead of anything else.

I think we should have two separate rows:
"Redirects to another page" - "Yes"/"No"
"Counted as a content page" - "Yes"/"No"

(In reply to comment #1)

I think we should have two separate rows:
"Redirects to another page" - "Yes"/"No"
"Counted as a content page" - "Yes"/"No"

Oh, heh. I didn't mean "content" in the "is this considered a content page by MediaWiki's weird standards?", I mostly just meant "not a redirect page". But sure, what you propose sounds great. I guess both would go under "Basic information"?

I'll do this but I'm going to wait for comment on boolean property messages in Gerrit change 27019 patch set 1 first.

Okay, so I've rethought this and decided to go with this:
If it redirects to somewhere else:
"Redirects to" - (link to page)

If it's counted as a content page:
"Counted as a content page" - "Yes"

Gerrit change 27125