Notify all bureaucrats when account request comes in
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Author: dneary

In our wiki, we wanted to use this extension to reduce spam and spammy accounts, but we also wanted to spread the approval load across a number of people. I thought it would be a good idea to send email notifications of new account requests to everyone who had the authority to approve them. This patch implements that - any user in the bureaucrat group, with an email address, gets an email indicating when someone's in the moderation queue.

Do you think this could be included?


Version: master
Severity: enhancement



dneary wrote:

Patch to email all bureaucrats when wgConfirmAccountContact is non-empty (should be a "true"/"false" setting, perhaps)

Attached: EmailBureaucrats.patch

Thank you for your code submission.

I think this is a good idea, especially for small wikis. Please consider to add a setting for this like wgConfirmAccountMailBureaucrats, with a default value set at false.

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[ Bug confirmed and assigned to code submitter. +patch-need-review. Priority: normal ]

dneary submitted this in Ice1d6d0dd65b02fca7. Discussion has continued there.

We received a request for this feature on #mediawiki today.

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