Line breaks changes behavior of "#" inside of tables: it generates bulleted lists instead of an ordered one
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Parser bug

See the link above and/or the attached screenshot.

The second example is converted correctly by Parsoid, but the first is still broken:

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For the record, I found this while I was trying to fix the rendering of the second and third groups of a navbox:

richardg_uk wrote:

Raised by [[User:Edokter]] at [[Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)#Old_parser_bug.3F]], with a navbox example showing the parser use a single <ol>...</ol> container for adjacent * and # lists even though are in different div elements within different cells or different rows of a wikitable.

Where block elements have closing tags that are not at the start of a separate line, the parser wrongly treats list items within different containers as part of a single list.

Consequently, the browser sees tag soup and assumes there are separate lists, treating the second or subsequent block of <li> elements as contained by an implicit <ul>...</ul>. (Equivalently, if HTML Tidy is active, it attempts to correct the inconsistency by closing the first list, inserting <ul>...</ul> tags around the second and subsequent lists and removing any trailing </ol> tag.)

As a side effect, any ordered lists that are not in the first block are rendered as unordered lists, because their list items have no explicit <ol> tags.

The parser needs to learn that list items within different block-level elements are separate lists, and insert container list tags in the appropriate places accordingly.

I fixed navbox so that list items always ocupy there own line, that fixes the problem.

For reference:


  1. list item 1
  2. list item 2</div>


  1. list item 1
  2. list item 2


It it essentially bad wiki formatting to include closing tags on the same line as wiki list items. So I'm closing this.

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