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Add support for patrolling multiple rcid in ApiPatrol
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From bug 17983 comment 1:

I can imagine stuff like:|39517|39519&token=123ABC

This could for example be used to patrol all edits from a certain page (imagine
users making 20 edits, or an edit war whatever).

Previously a tool called vPopSpeed took care of this, but that tool's been dead
for a long while. Being able to mass-do stuf in the API makes recreating such a
tool a lot easier.

  • Krinkle

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Severity: enhancement



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Rephrasing summary, it is not about multiple pages as much as it is about multiple "recent changes" entries.

Almost entirely usable only for patrolling multiple changes to the same page, not to different pages (e.g. to patrol all changes since the last patrolled edit on a page at once, by showing a diff between them and marking them all as patrolled).

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