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Point Wikipedias logo to more up to date 2.0 version on Commons where available
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I found 25 Wikipedias which are still at local v1 logo but have a v2 logo on Commons (sometimes only SVG).
Consensus was found originally when the logos were created (mostly by Casey, asking local wikis and users): it's a trivial but boring fix, I'm going to upload missing PNG versions and submit a patch now.
Images have to be protected on Commons before config is changed.

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Sorry, I meant 45.
Also, the licenses listed in the section "not vetted by WMF" are ok and some of those fonts are even used by WebFonts.

Gerrit change 23985 submitted.

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Hashar has commented the issue on Gerrit:

One of the problem with that change is the community will have to get someone having sysadmin right on commons (or at least the ability to upload over protected files). Not sure it is really wanted by them.

I cant remember about the v2 logo, I think they have been made for all wikis and temporarly deployed for everyone. Maybe at the occasion of some event (10 years of wikipedia?). The old logo were eventually reinstated.

Nemo bis replied there :

No, the v2 logo is the logo they made after some 3D studies in 2010, improving the puzzle and so on. Using logos from Commons is the de-facto standard since then; reuploading logos on Commons is an easy process which only needs a local sysop; temporary replacements can also be done via CSS and wikis can ask to point back to local wiki.png if they need to. All wikis must switch to the new logo per WMF's visual identity guidelines, but not all of them did so because creating the new logos is a tedious process.

More input is needed on this matter.

I've opened a discussion on all the affected projects.
Only one had an opinion against the change (wheter valid or not), and an error was found in another logo; I've removed those two for now, all the others have consensus so the change can be merged and deployed.
Assigning to hashar because he should do some shell requests tomorrow morning and he's already looked at this.

thechampionman1234 wrote:

I have asked the admin at warwiki to update the logo, and they did []