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User::newFromId should not assume ID exists
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In other words:

"User:newFromId should not set ItemLoaded['id'] = true"

$ php maintenance/eval.php:

< $u = User:newFromId( 1000000000000000000 ); // Exa-, 10^18
< $u->getId();

var_dump( $u->isLoggedIn() );
$u->isItemLoaded( 'id' );

Bumped into this while fixing T42340 (bug 40340).



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If you're going to set a milestone, it would be reasonable to set a priority.

aravikn wrote:

User.php, Line 278.

$this->mLoadedItems = true;
// Set it now to avoid infinite recursion in accessors

Isn't this the thing that was asked to be changed? But would infinite recursion occur as specified?

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