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Institution with current course listed as "Inactive"
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I've tried creating some new course pages and institutions, and the institutions show up as inactive even though they have current courses, and (as a consequence, I assume) the course doesn't show up in the list of current courses.


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Okay, this isn't so critical as it seemed. It took a bit of time, but the courses are now showing up in the Courses list. The universities are still listed Inactive, but that's not a big deal as long as the courses can still be found easily.

Note that those pages are cached, so that if you make a change, it won't show up immediately if you do not purge them.

Yes, caching was the issue with it not showing up at all, I believe. However, the table of institutions at Special:Institutions is still quite odd. See:

Actually, now that I look and there are a fair number of courses, I think it's an index error: the table always shows 1 fewer courses than the actual number. So all the institutions with "0" courses have 1 (or, in a few cases, actually 0), and all the ones with "1" have 2 courses.

That may also be the root why only 1 institution says "Yes" for Active. That's the only one that has "1" (actually 2) courses that are Current, even though others have "0" (actually 1) Current course.

Hmm... it seems more complicated than that. I now see two instances where the number of courses in the table is 2 even though only 1 course appears on the institution page. Here is one of them:

Currently, that institution is also listed on that page as having 13 students in 2 courses, even though the table below shows the single course with 17 students.

Is this issue still occurring?

even though the table below shows the single course with 17 students.

I take it this course is active? If not, the students won't be counted IIRC.

It is still occurring. For example, see

Note also the discrepancy in counts. 0 vs. 1 course, 36 vs. 37 students.

Looking at the first 4 orgs, it seems like all these aggregates are off by 1... Probably some dumb mistake in the code :)

Change 109439 had a related patch set uploaded by AndyRussG:
Fix summary info for institutions

Change 109439 merged by Adamw:
Fix summary info for institutions