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Rendering to PDF failure "RuntimeError: command failed with returncode 9"
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Author: mwalker

Attempted to run a collection to PDF job with the following URL:

It failed with the following:
An error occurred on the render server: RuntimeError: command failed with returncode 9: ['mw-render', '-w', 'rl', '-c', 'cache/a1/a16ec1f0c6cc071e/', '-o', 'cache/a1/a16ec1f0c6cc071e/output.rl', '--status', 'qserve://localhost:14311/a16ec1f0c6cc071e:render-rl', '--template-blacklist', 'MediaWiki:PDF Template Blacklist', '--template-exclusion-category', 'Exclude in print', '--print-template-prefix', 'Print', '--print-template-pattern', '$1/Print', '--language', 'en'] Last Output: 64% rendering 84.4260240964% rendering 84.4607228916% rendering 84.4665060241% rendering 84.5012048193% rendering 84.5359036145% rendering 84.6168674699% rendering 84.6631325301% rendering 84.6631325301%... ...88.9831325301% rendering in function system, file /home/pp/local/bin/, line 64

I attempted another collection render run immediately after which did successfully render.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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volker.haas wrote:

The problem is caused by the size (and content) of the book. The rendering
software uses ~1.5GBytes of memory and needs around 15 minutes to render the
collection (on my desktop computer which is probably faster than the render
servers). -> The rendering process is killed.

The only solution I can currently offer is to split the collection into at
least two parts.

rupeshbende wrote:

That worked fine..

mwalker wrote:

Volker; I had reported this bug on behalf of rupesh -- as your workaround seemed to work for him should I close this as resolved? Or do you want to leave it open as a tracking bug for someone to claim when a better resource utilization method is thought about?

volker.haas wrote:

I am closing this as "works for me". The runtime of processes is intentionally limited and the above collection is simply too large to be rendered in that amount of time.

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