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adding automatically the sub-pages as new watchlist
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In many cases we need that specific page's new sub-pages will added automatically to watchist for example in
new requests will be added to sub-page and it is not possible to watch them

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: enhancement



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Subpages use vary a lot, I suppose you wouldn't want to have every subpages in your watchlist if you watch itself.

As I said it can be like an option in user's preferences
i.e. 50 new sub-pages
also it can be genus after some month could be expire (and removed automatically from user's watch-list)
options could be like this
*adding automatic watchlist for sub-pages
pagename (text list)=testpage1, testpage2, testpage3,...
50 new subpages
**expiring watchlist = 2 month

rd232 wrote:

This would be a useful option to have. But it would only be needed on very few pages, so you wouldn't want to clutter the interface with it, or muck around with complicating user preferences. Maybe an API option? Then you can create special "watch this page and any new and existing subpages" links (compare Cancelling watching of new subpages could presumably be based on unwatching the parent.