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Enable Extension:Education Program on English Wikipedia (with new user rights configuration)
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Per the result of the related RfC, please enable the Education Program extension on English Wikipedia.

The user rights should be configured somewhat differently from the version currently deployed at test2. Per the RfC, it should user the following usergroups and associated rights:

Course coordinators (ep-coordinator usergroup)

Trusted editors who are given full access to the education program extension. They can create and delete course pages and institution pages, assign the ep-instructor right to users leading courses, assign the ep-campus and ep-online rights for users who are assisting the course (respectively) in-person or online, and remove a reviewer or student from a course.

Administrators have access to all the rights of the ep-coordinator usergroup, and can grant the right to trusted editors according to community-determined criteria.

Campus volunteers (ep-campus usergroup)

Users who are working with courses in person to help instructors and/or students learn to contribute to Wikipedia.

Users in the ep-campus usergroup may edit course pages and institution pages and may sign up on a course page to be a campus volunteer for a course. Admins and course coordinators should grant the campus volunteer right to Campus Ambassadors working with Wikipedia Education Program courses as well as editors in good standing who wish to volunteer in person helping other courses.

Online volunteers (ep-online usergroup)

Users who volunteer to help specific courses on-wiki.

Users in the ep-online usergroup may edit course pages and institution pages and may sign up on a course page to be an online volunteer for a course.

Course instructors (ep-instructor usergroup)

Users who are running Wikipedia assignments and other organized editing events using the course pages through the Education Program extension. This includes, but is not limited to, instructors who are participating in the [[WP:WEP|Wikipedia Education Program]].

Users in the ep-instructor usergroup may create and edit course pages and institution pages and may sign up as an instructor for a course. They also may remove a student from a course they instruct. Admins and course coordinators should grant the course instructor right to everyone who seems to be leading a legitimate course.

Version: wmf-deployment
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See Jeroen De Dauw, the developer of the extension, about the configuration modifications.


Before to investigate further the matter, I would like a comment explaining why so few people participated in a 1 month process.

The RfC gets 12 support votes and 3 oppose (one it's for wikiversity, one it should be on Outreach and a last objection, also found in a support vote extension design is poor, comments not mitigated in the support votes).

This seems rather low for a large wiki.

Could you explain us why a proposal with so few support is a valid local consensus?

[ +shellpolicy ]

The basic answer, I think, is that most people don't have strong feelings one way or the other. The RfC was listed as an RfC and on the CENT noticeboard for a month, announced at the technical, policy and proposal village pumps as well as other relevant places, and noted in a few editions of the Signpost. However, because it will be largely irrelevant to users who aren't working with or tracking the work of classes, many people apparently didn't feel like joining the discussion.

The extension was actually previously enabled for a very short time, but it had to be turned off and redesigned because of a bug that made it conflict with mainspace content. To make sure the Wikipedia Education Program was not forcing it on the community against widespread objection, and to see how editors wanted it configured in terms of user rights, we decided to run an RfC before turning it on again.

I'd replace "turned off and redesigned" with "turned off and tweaked". There was no redesign :)

also found in a support vote extension design is poor, comments not mitigated in the support votes

Is this the objection I replied to on the talk page and got no further answers from the objecting person?

@Jeroen, tweaked, yes!

And that's indeed the objection you were discussing on the talk page. The discussion has (in my opinion) some good ideas for possible design adjustments to make in the future, but it doesn't really affect the basic function of the extension in the meantime.

I think we have enough clarification to go on.

Jeroen De Dauw, would you prefer to prepare the config change or than I prepare a draft and ask you a review?

[ -shellpolicy +shell ]

Dereckson: I'll try to get to it today.

How are things going at Wolfplex btw? :)

Thanks Jeroen. Since the person with that last oppose has objected to me closing the RfC, we're going to have an uninvolved editor do a formal close. That shouldn't change anything, since the results are pretty straightforward and from a WMF perspective, we're ready to turn it on and work with the community from there... the RfC makes it clear that there's not widespread objection.

But just to be safe, please don't turn it on before the RfC gets a formal close from someone else. I'll remove 'shell' for the time being. (If that's not the right procedure, please revert.)

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Sorry, did not get to it yesterday, but had a look now.

The proposed configuration seems to be identical to the current configuration if the epstaff group is removed. Sage, is that correct?

The epstaff group should be removed, but also, admins have all the rights that are currently with the epstaff group: creating, editing and deleting any pages, adding and removing users to roles in specific courses, and adding users to the other usergroups. The ep-coordinator group should have all these same rights.

There is also some renaming: ep-coordinator, ep-online, ep-campus, and ep-instructor are the names, so that it's not specific to Wikipedia Ambassador titles.

The RfC has been formally closed now by an uninvolved admin, so we can turn this on as soon as it's technically ready.

Great - thanks for the clarification, I will modify the settings later today or tomorrow :)

Right configuration changes are in

Sage, can you check I did not miss anything?

Well, the updated config was merged two days back. Think we need someone assigned to getting this deployed to not have it sit here needlessly.