Fatal error when trying to mark certain edits as patrolled on en.wikt: "Call to a member function getText() on a non-object"
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Author: ran.arigur

On the English Wiktionary, when I click a "Mark as patrolled" link for some edits, I get a fatal error with these details:

PHP fatal error in /usr/local/apache/common-local/php-1.20wmf12/includes/Message.php line 605:
Call to a member function getText() on a non-object


  • The error prevents the edit from being marked as patrolled. (Furthermore, the UI error-message persists even after an edit is marked as patrolled via the API -- more on that below -- so the error must be taking place before the UI even gets to the point of trying to mark the edit as patrolled.)
  • This seems to be tied to the specific edit: the majority of edits do not trigger this error, but if an edit *does* trigger this error, it will do so consistently: every time I visit its mark-as-patrolled page, I get the same error.
  • I haven't observed a pattern to which edits are affected, but if anyone offers a predictive theory, I can try to confirm or refute it.
  • This problem does *not* affect the mark-as-patrolled API call. This offers a partial workaround, since we have site JavaScript that creates mark-as-patrolled buttons in various places, and those buttons use the API rather than the UI; but still, but it's not always very easy to get to one of those places to find the button for a specific edit that you've tried and failed to mark as patrolled.
  • This is *not* caused by expiring patrol-tokens. If I reload the page that contains the "Mark as patrolled" link, it will continue to give me a link that uses the same patrol-token.

Version: 1.20.x
Severity: normal


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ran.arigur wrote:

I forgot to mention:

  • This affects other admins as well.
  • This started several days ago. I don't remember exactly when.
  • I've also seen a similar-looking error for rollbacks, just a small number of times, but I don't know if that's the same thing. (I didn't save the details.)

Ran: Can this problem still be seen on en.wikt?

ran.arigur wrote:

Andre: Due a recent MediaWiki change, clicking normally on a "Mark as patrolled" link now invokes JavaScript that submits an API request, rather than actually loading index.php?title=...&action=markpatrolled&rcid=...&token=... (at least if you have JavaScript enabled, as I do); so while I haven't seen this error in a while, I also haven't had any opportunity to see it in the normal course of events.

However, since seeing your question here, I've tested a few dozen times (by using "Open in New Tab" rather than simply clicking on the links), and I didn't see this error even once. So if you want to close this, feel free, and if/when I ever hear of this happening again, I can re-open it (or just open a new ticket).


Thanks for retesting. CLosing as WORKSFORME for the time being, but please reopen if you see this again.

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