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Review and deploy Education Program extension
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The Education Program extension ([[mw:Extension:Education Program ]]) is an extension developed in the Wikipedia Education Program context to provide a better learning experience.

Extension description on says it "[f]acilitates educational programs by adding various interfaces to manage courses, students, institutions, mentors, ect, as well as improving workflow for everyone involved (enrolment, seeing changes of other students, article and reviewer association) and proving several analysis/statistics interfaces".

The English Wikipedia have just conduced a RfC process to enable this extension.

It so should be reviewed and considered for deployment.

I'm adding it to the extension review queue -

I also put bug 39158 as blocker, as it's a critical one.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: minor



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[ Fixing wrong bug dependency, this should be tracked by bug 31235 and not by bug 31325 ]

This (bug) isn't exactly necessary. It's already enabled on test2wiki, and was previously enabled on enwiki, but was disabled due to namespace issues


Okay. So I close this bug in RESO WONTFIX and remove the extension from the review page?

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 40477 ***