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webtools: Setup up
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Project creation: bug 40510.

How do we want to set this up?

Perhaps something like this:

That is basically like the MMP policy on Toolserver, but implemented as an exclusive.

In that case we should make sure to enforce proper chmod/chgrp so that files in project-homes are always readable/writeable by other group members. And that it adapts the creation of files in those home dirs to the current group (e.g. if john is in pr-a and pr-b then stuff in /home/pr-a will become 664/775 john pr-a and in /home/pr-b `664/775 john pr-b).

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Also, for generic bot hosting, we already have a project. There should be no expensive/long-running shell processes on this.

I had a more simplistic idea at Add a tool to call dibs on a particular path name which initially will redirect to your ~/public_html/$PROJECT. I think that many tool authors don't want to hassle with the setup of a "project" - they just want to upload a PHP file, and that should work immediately.

In light of Tool Labs happening I believe it is no longer our intention to further attract people to and invest in the building of the "bots" and "webtools" projects.

The "bots" project did get started for a while so that will probably stay around and/or migrate slowly towards the new properly managed "tools" infrastructure.

The "webtools" project however, as far as I know, never really got very far beyond discussion and experimentation. To avoid further decentralisation, I'm closing this bug. Whatever did happen on "webtools" is, as far as I know, to be deprecated / become obsolete and be moved to the tools project.

Either way, there are no tasks left for "Setting up"