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New Pages Feed: Show how many pages are in my filtered list
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If I've filtered my New Pages Feed, I'd like to know how many pages of that type exist (e.g.: unreviewed pages), as proposed by TheHelpfulOne in our last IRC chat.

To that end, we propose to show that context-sensitive number in the top right corner, saying:

"25,450 pages in your filtered list"

We would then move the total number of unreviewed pages to the bottom bar, to avoid visual clutter, as so:

"29994 total unreviewed pages (oldest: 77 days) - 1125 pages reviewed this week"

Note that it's only practical to provide this filtered list number for the first four checkbox criteria in 'Set Filter' (unreviewed, reviewed, nominated for deletion, redirects) -- not for all the radio button options, for performance reasons (it would require hundreds of queries to calculate that number).

While we're at it, let's also remove the number of redirects from the total unreviewed pages number that's now being moved to the bottom as discussed in our weekly meeting.

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