Show small notice if user tries to tag/nominate a very recently created page
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To reduce biteyness toward new users who are still working on a page, I would suggest showing a small indicator text below the headings "Add tags" and "Mark for Deletion" in the curation toolbar, like this:

Note: This page is only x minutes old. The user may still be working on it, so consider waiting before tagging it if the issues are fixable.

The text could obviously be improved - but the point would be to create a small affordance to give people time to let articles develop.

I would suggest showing this notice only if x is smaller than, say, 60 minutes.

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(NB - This suggestion is based on a comment by User:Alanl on )

Thanks, Erik and Benny!

We heard similar requests in our last IRC chat, and I think it makes good sense to add this notice, though I would recommend putting it at the bottom of the flyout, above the 'Add Tags' or 'Mark for Deletion' buttons (and above the 'personal message' prompt and text box for 'Add Tags').

I also propose we tighten the copy so it could fit on one line, as so:

"Note: This page is only x minutes old. Consider waiting to tag it, unless the issue is serious."

This would only be displayed when a reviewer tries to tag or delete a new article that is less than 60 minutes old.

In the IRC chat, we discussed only showing this notice for certain tags, but that seems too cumbersome to implement and maintain. Instead, a generic message for 'tag' and 'mark for deletion' seems to make more practical.

Please let us know if this would work for you.

Works for me, thanks :)

60 minutes is ancient in wiki time. One of the people in the discussion suggested 15 minutes. How about we split the difference and go with 30 minutes?

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