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Feedback Page: Add a checklist in Oversight Request flyout
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Updated request for oversight mockup

As discussed with Philippe Beaudette and Risker, some oversighters have reported getting too many requests for oversight for article feedback, many of which are not relevant. It appears that the number for oversight requests has doubled recently, with over 200 requests in the queue (to date, 300 posts have been oversighted, and 150 requests have been declined).

To address this issue, we propose to show a checklist of oversightable offenses in the oversight request flyout, with a prompt asking you to check that list before you request oversight. This would presumably cut down on the number of requests, make them more relevant and reduce the overall workload for oversighters. Note at this point, only admins, reviewers and rollbackers can request oversight, so this is a limited pool of a few thousand users (called 'monitors').

Philippe and Risker are going to help us finalize the copy for this checklist, which could be partly inspired from our current feedback guidelines:

Our help page FAQ could also provide some inspiration:

To get the ball rolling, here some proposed copy we might consider as a starting point:

"Request Oversight
Before requesting oversight, please check that this post
contains one of these oversightable offenses:
• private phone numbers
• private email addresses
• pornographic links
• other criteria for oversight

Add a note to explain why you think oversight is needed:

[ text box ]

(Request oversight button)"

A mockup is attached, to illustrate how this revised flyout might look.

We will add final copy in a comment on this post, once we have heard back from Philippe and Risker.

P.S.: If for some reason this checklist does not slow the number of oversight requests, one more radical option to consider would be to remove the 'Request oversight' button altogether, and simply have people in the know email oversighters manually, which will immediately reduce the number of requests. We would still keep the Oversight button in the UI, so oversight functions would remain active in this scenario.

P.P.S.: Personally, I think it is wasteful to ask oversighters to remove email addresses or phone numbers, when they have no practical way to determine if they are private or not. Instead, the Wikipedia community might consider streamlining the oversight policy on these points -- and perhaps remove these bullet points from the checklist. We could simply ask any monitor to hide posts that contain such issues. Note that we should no longer see many email addresses going forward, since the abuse filter now disallows any post that contains the '@' character.

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Based on feedback from Philippe and Risker, here is our proposed final copy for this checklist:

"Request Oversight
Before requesting oversight, please check that this post
includes one of these issues:
• phone number
• email addresses
• pornographic links
• defamatory/libelous comments about a person
• <other criteria for oversight>

Add a note to explain why you are requesting oversight:

[ text box ]

(Request oversight button)"

Also, please add this link under <other criteria for oversight>:

Thank you!

I was able to log in as a monitor, using our new Aft5monitor account -- and successfully accessed the 'Request oversight' function. It looks good and matches our requirements, thank you very much!