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[Quarterly Goal] Create tested nightly builds
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The focus of this work is to use the current Beta Cluster as the basis for a nightly 'build'.

Things needed

  • T1111:Add domains to accomodate this (use eg:
  • T805: Enable multiversion (het-deploy) on Beta Cluster
  • T1112: Have Jenkins update once per day
  • T806: Make the suite of browser tests run against the nightly version after it is finished updating (including schema changes). This may be timer-based for now, probably.
    • Next step: determine if only a subset of browser tests should be run (known-good ones only?)

For the record...
This delays the creation of a second test cluster for three (main) reasons:

  • It isn't clear how we'd be able to manage the "conservative" vs "liberal" distinction, and implementation, for all of the services we also run).
  • The increased maintenance burden
  • We can iteratively improve the current Beta Cluster (ie: Hiera) without creating a second one



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