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PostgreSQL searches do not treat Unicode full width characters as their normal counterparts
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The search engines for MySQL and SQLite treat "AZ" (that's #xff21 and #xff3a) as "AZ" (cf. [[Halfwidth and fullwidth forms]]), PostgreSQL does not and thus fails testFullWidth().

One idea would be to TRANSLATE() them in ts2_page_text() and ts2_page_title() and use a similar technique in SearchPostgres::parseQuery(). If so, we need to describe in the release notes how to regenerate the tsvectors after an update or detect if ts2_page_text() or ts2_page_title() has changed and then regenerate them ourselves (I prefer the former).

Of course, another imaginable approach would be try to push this normalization into a text search configuration for to_tsvector(), but I don't know whether this is even possible.

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: enhancement



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